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As your advisor, we establish an asset allocation (mix of stocks and bonds) specific to your goals, managing your account following our investment philosophy. We seek to balance portfolio appreciation and protection of principal.

Each account is separately managed allowing for individualized positions and tax treatment when appropriate. We direct the purchases and sales of securities in your account.

We never directly hold your money, working with most custodians (Fidelity, Schwab, etc.). Our free-will agreements with clients are open-ended; you can cancel your account or withdraw funds at any time. There is no cost to open or close an account.

When starting with us, we look to thoughtfully transition your investments:
- We examine existing holdings for tax impact if sold.
- We may temporarily defer minor taxable gains when attractive.
- We may indefinitely defer major taxable gains in absence of strong conviction, focusing on after-tax investment results.

Besides online access and monthly statements available from your custodian, we provide quarterly performance reports with bottom line net results.

Because we invest our own accounts in the same way alongside you, you know our interests are directly aligned with yours. And when your life evolves, we offer investment guidance.